Thoughts on Moral Offroading & Relationship Anarchy

In being the most solitary I've ever been, I've done more thinking about relationships than ever before. I have spent the last year barking up the wrong nonmonogamous tree in an educational exploration of polyamory. I could go on and on, but the gist is that I started educating myself on the topic because my... Continue Reading →


Unselfish, Act I

The sleep deprivation is real. When I try to sleep, I get woken up every hour (or less), but I also don't feel like I've actually been awake at all for the past few days. It kind of feels like I've been dissociating for 3 days straight, walking around in an otherwise vegetative state, shuffling... Continue Reading →

The Sleep Trap

Something changed on my drive home this morning. Or, maybe something changed while my eyes were closed (I say, because I can’t call what I did in the wee hours of the morning “sleeping”). I know I slept, cause I dreamed. That, or they were closed-eye hallucinations. I could believe it because every dream I... Continue Reading →


Hounds Baying in the woods Leaves Falling from the trees Yellow and orange Summer's over Must also lovers Say good bye to the weather That turned them on?   Turning it off Turning it all off Tuning out and dialing in on Something romance never touched   Turn it off, turn it all off.

No Place Like No Place

I have hit a wall. Figuratively speaking. It’s been years since I’ve done this, but every other outlet has failed me. Recently, someone equated the ebb and flow of creative energy to the waxing and waning of the moon, and that makes a lot of sense to me. The trouble is that if I am... Continue Reading →

Beau & Arrow

You pull, draw, close. The tension creaks, as if we were but bits of wood and strings. Let loose: you fly, you seek, you sigh! Your sharpness seeks and finds-- you pierce, you pry, and you promise nothing.

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